We like to say, "If Calaveras County was Texas, Murphys would be Austin."  


The Sierra Foothills, especially the Murphys region, is home to an incredible array of talented musical acts, from folk, jazz, Americana, Rock and Roll, Classic Rock, Country, and solo acoustic troubadours to one of the most blistering talented, entertaining and professional high-tech Disc Jockey outfits, Sound Extreme.


If you’re looking for a unique venue for your evening entertainment or a massive close-out live music affair, the performance or concert can be hosted at Ironstone’s epic 6,900-seat outdoor amphitheatre or one of Brice Station Vineyards two concert venues among the towering pines.   


UnWined Events also offers an array of wine-themed team building events, such as grape crush and wine blending games. Your crew will participate in teams to collect the grapes, stomp the juice out of them and then relay race to blend, bottle, cork and rack the wine. Once corked and racked, it’s time to serve! 


Team captains pick blindfolded teams to collect various items, from filled bottles, corkscrews, and glasses using only verbal commands to help players find the items and uncork, pour and serve a glass of freshly stomped wine back to the emcee. Un-blindfolded team mates are encouraged to heckle the opposing players and cheer on their teammates.  


Judges analyze the aromas, flavors and complexities of four red wine varietals created by the competing teams. Winners get their blended wine in a keepsake 750 ml bottle, corked and foiled with a personalized label for you to take home and enjoy. The Grape Stomping and “Blend-Your-Own-Bottle” are a hysterical, yet educational, mad-cap vinter games.